2001, Marcello Valsesia (guitars) and Rene Labate (bass) decided to gather serious musicians to play a different kind of heavy metal, mixing classical music and soundtracks, having a female and a male voice and a lot of orchestral elements. In 2003, after a lot of changes trying to find good musicians to complete the band, Thy Symphony achieved a very good team, with Camila Senne(V), Vitor Valentim(V), Marcello Valsesia(G,K), Cesar Raize(G), Rene Labate(B) and Matthew Liles(D). In the same year they recorded a demo CD called Darkness End. It was distributed to a few Brazilian labels and Megahard Records got interested in the band. Immediately, Thy Symphony started to record a full album. When the band finished it, Megahard Records was not able to release the CD, since they were going through financial problems. Thy Symphony abandoned the album Darkness End and decided to record a new one, more mature and heavier. In the year 2008, Allan Ortona replaces the singer Vitor Valentim, since he was into hard rock more than heavy-metal, and the band started to record the new album Harmonizing the World. Survivor, which is one of the songs from this CD, was released in Hell of Fire, a compilation sponsored by the huge label Nuclear Blast, the Portuguese store Mindwalker CD & Merch, the American radio Eggs & Kegs Radio Show and the Portuguese magazine LOUD!

Finally at the end of 2009 the band signed a deal with the Greek leading metal label SLEASZY RIDER and their debut album(Harmonizing the World) was released worldwide on september 2011 getting good reviews. For personal problems, the singers Camila Senne, Allan Ortona and the drummer Matthew Liles could not do the concerts of Thy Symphony tour so they were replaced by Leandro Baracho(Vocals),Karina Bonizi(Vocals) and Eric Fleming(Drums). Nowadays Thy Symphony is recording its new album (2012 A New Beginning) and starting their tour on Brazil. Soon Thy Symphony will visit Europe for the first time to promote its second album.

A New Beginning

- Hope and Fear
- Hope and Fear
- Galaxy`s Great Eye
- Saints and Sinners
- Revolution
- Charming Nymph
- Where Land Begs for the Sun
- Dark knight
- Watcher
- Thin Line to Insanity
- Endless Moment
- WTC(Win the Conspiracy)
- Time Traveler
- 2012 A New Beginning
- Spark of Life

Harmonizing The World

- Intro
- Pandora`s Box
- Broken Wings
- God`s Call
- Sun and Moon
- Eternal Life
- Harmonizing the World
- Survivor
- Shadows and Dust
- Rising from the Sand
- Lords of the Seas
- The Brave from Highlands




Karina Bonizi Leandro Baracho Marcello Valsesia Cesar Raize Renne Labate Eric Flemming